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From the Archives #14

BY SEBASTIAN ENCINA, Museum Collections Manager, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology It’s October, when vampires and werewolves and mummies go out in the cold, dark nights, scaring folks for candy and treats. The Kelsey’s own mummies know a thing or two … Continue reading

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Grain Mummy Goes To the Hospital

SUZANNE DAVIS, Curator of Conservation   Last week our colleagues Ron Bude and Michele Sakala, who are MDs in the Radiology Department of  the University of Michigan Health System, arranged for the Kelsey’s grain mummy (and his friends cat mummy … Continue reading

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Ugly Object of the Month – October

BY CAROLINE ROBERTS, Conservator, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology     It’s October, folks, and that means the season of decorative gourds and dressing up in festive costumes is upon us. This is partly why I chose this ceramic figurine of … Continue reading

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